Microsoft Skype Voice-Over-IP

A medical facility was looking to replace their aging PBX system. They wanted a solution that allowed staff to work remotely with full PBX capabilities. The decision was made to select Microsoft Skype for Business including local telephone number calling, auto attendant, and voicemail features.

The "PBX" consisted of Windows Servers virtualized with VMware ESXi, voice gateways, and IP-based telephone stations. Other features such as speech-to-text, voicemail integrated into the Exchange server, video conferencing, presence awareness, and instant message were part of the voice-over-IP solution.

With no on-site IT staff, the solution needed to be hybrid, a combination of on-premises and cloud technologies, combined into one. The need to maintain hardware and software was minimized and allowed the solution to require less maintenance and thereby less costly, month-to-month.

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