Microsoft Dynamics CRM Case Study Hawaii

The client, who is in the utilities industry, needed a way to track their sales team efforts and goals across a geographically wide area. It had to be done in a manner that required less effort for the supervisors and managers to generate and analyze the reports and KPI’s. Being able to present these reports to the key stakeholders of the business in a timely manner was just as important.

To make matters worse, the current IT staff was inundated with a back log of projects and requests. Implementing a CRM solution on-premises would take months to get started.

HPSI was selected to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. After various meetings with the sales team and management, a pilot of CRM was completed. This was demonstrated to the key individuals who were championing the CRM cause. HPSI consultants, systems and programmer analysts worked with these individuals and further customized the workflow process, screens, queries and reports using tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio. After a few months, the finished product was delivered. At the day long kickoff meeting, the sales team was introduced and trained on the new way of inputting prospects, contacts, and leads.

Within the first year, the realization of up-to-date and consistent reporting came to fruition. The effort it took to come up with these reports now took a week, instead of 3-4 weeks.  Last year, which was the fourth year since CRM had been implemented, the client had sales that were phenomenal and record breaking. With the success experienced, other business units of the company are now looking at how CRM can be used to help them achieve similar results.

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