Microsoft Dynamics SL | Professional Services ERP Case Study Hawaii

The client, who is in the professional services industry, was outgrowing the current time and billing system. Periodically, the database records would get locked, preventing users from signing into the system. User profiles would get corrupted and required restores from backup. During heavy periods of usage, the software could not keep up with the large amounts of data being entered. To minimize performance problems, no one would run reports during this time.

In addition, management wanted to have web-based timesheet entry and a mobile solution using iPad’s.

The back-end office was having difficulties as well. Report compilation would take a good week to complete using a variety of Word and Excel templates. When it was time for invoice preparation, it required two people, with overtime during the week when the invoices were generated. Follow up with receivables was cumbersome.

HPSI worked with the client, reviewing the business process and workflow between the billing staff, accounting, and management. HPSI determined that Microsoft Dynamic SL would be ideal. The solution comprised of various network and server upgrades running Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, SQL Server, Remote Desktop Server, SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013. Customization were performed using Visual Studio.

Staff can now enter timesheets remotely, via the web browser or from iPad tables.  Reports don’t require manipulations using spreadsheets.  Management reports print directly out of Microsoft Dynamics SL.  Invoice preparation is now completed in a few days, with no need for overtime.  Invoices print quickly and receivables are now easier and more understandable.  New staff coming on-board are trained and get up-to-speed quickly, requiring less training and realizing more billable time.

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