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Relationship Management

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Relationship management addresses how you manage and archive discussions between yourself and another. Customer Relationship Management software helps manage the prospect and customer relationship.

For example, a salesperson interacts with 10 customers each day. Some are over the phone, others by e-mail, and a few in-person visits. Over the course of a month, all of these methods of communication could get lost or forgotten. Multiply this by 10 or 15 salespeople and in one month. With that much happening, you should look into software specifically for this.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps manage your entire marketing and sales cycle. With Dynamics CRM software, the communications, scheduling, follow up, quotes, agreements, and contracts are kept in an orderly manner. This helps your salespeople to complete tasks that could be forgotten and for the Sales Manager to keep track of the company-wide sales pipeline. For the CMO, social media marketing and marketing planning are just two of its many capabilities. And Microsoft Dynamics CRM further tracks and manages the customer service aspects after the sale.

What make Microsoft Dynamics CRM software powerful is the ability to create simple (to complex) workflows that automates many of the essential marketing and sales activities. The workflow is based on the unique business process of the company. These business processes come from the methodologies that have proven to be successful by the top marketing and sales people of your company.

Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is flexible in the configuration, customization and if needed, custom programming, CRM has turned into xRM software. xRM manages the “x” factor – or anything that needs to be tracked and managed.