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High Performance Systems, Inc. is serving numerous of clients in the hospitality industry throughout the Hawaiian Islands. We are known for our persistence in ensuring our clients are well taken care of - for the long run. As a Microsoft-Certified Partner, we provide trusted affordable business solutions that are user-friendly and easy to manage for you to enhance day to day operations to keep up with today's mobility fast-growing technology changes - worry less, work easier, and work together.

Customer engagement is evolving. Everyone is mobile, everyone is social, people trust opinions from their friends and peers more than they trust brands.  And it’s easier than ever to switch to a competitor.  At the same time, now devices are increasingly connected.  It’s a whole new world where the customer has control. Having a deep understanding of customers and being able to create a compelling experience is critical to any company’s business strategy. In fact, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price & product as the key brand differentiator. To engage your customers and thrive in this digital economy, we provide an extensible platform solution (Microsoft Dynamics 365) with shared data and digital intelligence that is purpose-built, productive, intelligent, and adaptable to help your team make the most of every minute and leverage customer personalization.

Successful businesses of today and tomorrow realize the power of mobility to support employee productivity and collaboration. You need to prepare to mitigate the risks of providing freedom and space to your employees. You need to meet compliance and regulatory standards, maintain company security policies and requirements, and detect threats — all the while giving workers a better and more productive experience, so that they’re motivated to follow protocol. You need an enterprise mobility partner (Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security) that can help your company achieve all of this.

With finite resources, productivity is critical for businesses to scale. 40% of worker's productivity time is lost when switching tasks. This cost the global economy $450B per year. Companies have automated business processes.  Now they are looking to embed productivity tools such as, best-in-class integrated cloud-based platforms working seamlessly across all devices anywhere anytime (Microsoft Office 365 for business with Office applications, SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, StaffHub, Bookings and much more) directly into business processes to save time and money to be more cost-effective and get more productivity of employees to grow their business.

Lastly, there is a new speed of business and companies need to adapt. New technology is not only enabling new business models, it’s at a much faster rate than ever before. To be successful, companies need to enable their people and processes to respond quickly to changes in the market to capture new revenue opportunities. Organizations embracing digital transformation generate an average of $100 million (or 8% points) more operating income each year than those who lag behind. 

Ask us how we can enhance your day to day operations. Call us at 808-947-6117 or email today for an immediate consultation to discuss how we can customize a solution for you. We look forward to hear from you!

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