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30 years helping
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As a client, you have access to exclusive and best-in-class, industry leading service with staff that are college educated, with degrees in information technology.


You no longer need to train or hire additional to get the certifications that your IT team needs. HPSI's advanced technical staff are vendor trained and certified.

Process & Procedures

All service cases are tracked and monitored using leading edge Microsoft software and technologies.

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Microsoft's Top U.S. Partner in Hawaii

Channel Partner

Redmond Channel Partner


"Who are the best Microsoft U.S. partners? You'll find them in this RCPmag.com list of the top 350 Microsoft partners, from global systems integrators to data specialists to small, highly competent regional operators."

"Great Microsoft partners look at a customer's business and select the right technologies from Microsoft's wide range of sophisticated offerings, fine-tune them for their customer's needs and expertly enhance them with their own or other technology companies' solutions. They bring the full power of the Microsoft technology stack to each customer, making those customers more productive, more profitable and more agile."

"The companies that made our RCP 350 list represent the best Microsoft partners in the United States."

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With hundreds of thousands of Microsoft partners worldwide, and somewhere around 100,000 in the United States, it can be difficult for customers to figure out who are the best.

Enter the RCP 200 list. We've scoured various sources for 200 of the strongest Microsoft solution providers in the United States. We looked at recent NSP designations, previous members of the now-defunct Microsoft National Systems Integrator program, Microsoft award winners at various levels and our own contact lists and archives for great companies we've covered over the last 11 years at RCP.


In this second-annual RCP 200, Redmond Channel Partner magazine brings into one place a collection of Microsoft's rock star partners (you can also find all 200 of them on Twitter here ). To compile the 2017 RCP 200, we relied on 12 years experience as an independent magazine focused on the Microsoft channel community. We dug through the magazine's archives, Microsoft award lists, invitation-only Microsoft partner programs and other sources to find 200 U.S.-based companies with a reputation for providing sterling services.

Accelerating your Competitive Advantage

Need to quickly fill your IT gaps?

Providing you a competitive advantage with options to help you Innovate and Modernize your IT Strategy.  Go with Staff Augmentation to supplement your local or remote IT Team or Department.  If you don’t have an IT staff, our best-of-breed Co-Managed services is your best choice.  If or when you hire IT, we will transition over to your in-house. Flexible pricing models are available.

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"What does HPSi support?"

We only provide technical support for products and solutions that we have been vendor authorized, trained and certified on. For non-supported products and solutions, we will do our best to refer you to another solution provider or IT vendor.

  • We support most Microsoft server software such as Windows Server 2012 to 2022, Remote Desktop Services Session Based and VDI, SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange, and Teams.
  • We support Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Dynamics 365, Dynamics SL, Dynamics CRM, and Retail Management Hero (formally Microsoft RMS) POS.
  • We support Microsoft cloud productivity software such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft One Drive for Business. We support Microsoft IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS that is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • We support hardware and software relating to Microsoft technologies, such as SAN and NAS storage, backup software, firewall, anti-virus, Ethernet Switches, routers, server-class hardware, and PC-class hardware.
  • We support related technologies such as server virtualization from Microsoft, VMware,  Apple Mac, iPad, and Android connectivity, some Linux operating systems, and certain VOIP PBX systems.
  • We support Network and Internet-focused technical solutions such as DNS, VPN, VLAN, QOS, VOIP, MPLS,  and BGP.

We are able to provide technical support for on-premises, hybrid, and full cloud-centric platforms.

"Where are the areas of coverage?"

We provide on-site and remote support across the State of Hawaii, which include all major islands – Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island.

We provide remote support to locations such as Guam, Saipan, and U.S. West Coast states, such as Washington, Oregon, and California. Texas coming soon!

"Is HPSi right for me?"

We have clients and customers in many vertical markets – such as Accounting and CPA’s, Construction Specialty and General Contractor, Distribution, Education, Financial, Hospitality, Local Government, Professional Services, Shipping and Freight Forwarding, Utilities, Wholesale and Retail. The size of the clients range from SMB (small-medium businesss), corporate, to Fortune 100.

We are outsourced by U.S. Mainland IT service providers as a subcontractor, helping their clients in Hawaii. We are extremely trustworthy and ethical, backed with mutual non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

"Great!! How do I get started with HPSi?"

If you would like to learn more, contact us by phone or email.  Our staff are friendly, easy to speak to, and in a non-technical manner.   

If you are an existing client, you may be directed to click on one of the buttons below.


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