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Over a short period of several years, many businesses have transformed the way IT operations are purchased, used, and managed. If you’re confused about “cloud” then you’re not alone. To properly cover this topic requires an entire day (or two) or multiple sessions. A good way to think of cloud computing is renting or leasing one or more aspects of your computer infrastructure and realized economies of scale from a service provider that has tremendous amounts of resources to perform the intended objective you are allowing them to do.

An example is e-mail anti-virus and anti-malware scanning and remediation. Instead of a network server you own, manage, and maintain, you allow parts or all of it to be controlled by a provider such as High Performance Systems, Inc. (HPSI), Microsoft, or Trend Micro to perform this for you.

In one scenario, you would own the network server and purchase the necessary software. HPSI would manage and maintain it for you. HPSI would consult with you on how you would like the system to be set up, specific to your business requirements. HPSI would manage the updates, keep the system running for maximum availability, and keep you informed of anything of interest that occurs.

Another scenario would involve Microsoft or Trend Micro to own the hardware and software, where you would rent the use of it, by user, on a month-to-month (or longer) basis. HPSI would manage and maintain the system for you, like in the previous scenario. With no physical server running, the need for physical space, the cost of electricity, and air conditioning needs will decrease (sometimes by $100 or more per month).

Microsoft has a full range of solutions, such as Exchange or SharePoint Online; or Office 365 with a suite of hosted server products and desktop Office 2013 / 2016 products. If you would like to run your virtualized server at Microsoft, or just want an e-commerce website, Microsoft Azure will take care of that.

Hybrid and All-in Cloud

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Cloud Backup
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Sytsem Center

HPSI Cloud

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • DNS, Dynamic DNS
  • Deskotp and Server Managed Services
  • PoVoice Voice-over-IP