Microsoft Azure Marketplace | E-Commerce | Website Development | Shopping Cart | Hawaii

A large distribution company with sales people throughout the State of Hawaii needed a way to provide a shopping catalog experience to their customers. This would in turn help the salespeople carry out a more efficient way for handling sales calls.

The original vendor selected to provide the consulting and implementation services hit several roadblocks and hurdles. After close to a year, the vendor was not able to complete the work. Soon after, HPSI was asked to come up with a new solution and from start to completion, have it done within 30 days.

The HPSI staff team that was brought together included disciplines from accounting and inventory management, Salesforce automation, database warehouse design, and PHP developers.

HPSI reviewed the requirements of the shopping catalog and the experiences that their customers should have. Discussions with key stakeholders were performed and in two weeks, a working alpa release was completed. By the fourth week, the final touches were implemented. Besides a shopping catalog with high-quality pictures, categories and attributes commonly needed in distribution were designed into the inventory system.

Additional features such as self-service password reset, role based security, and various dashboards to monitor activity were completed. Future capability to turn the solution into an e-commerce transacting site was considered for a future phase of the site.

Hosting the solution was carefully considered, and Microsoft Azure was chosen for price, scalability, and ease of standing up the back-end database in short period of time.

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