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Core Network

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Core Network Infrastructure

The core network is essential by providing various devices to communicate with each other.  After more than 30 years, the local area network has become extremely resilient.

Almost anyone nowadays can connect a few computers and start sharing files. That’s because Microsoft has made the software very tolerable to potential issues set up by the average users (as opposed to technical people who are trained to do this). The software tries and often times, self-heals itself automatically without you knowing.

You would need to start thinking of engaging with a professional services firm when a network starts to get a little more complicated, such as making access available to multiple users with maximum up-time and with minimal loss of usability; or secure access from home and even globally.

The average person may try to address a security issue by performing some advance integration that goes beyond what the software can do to heal itself.

Backing up data, and the ability to restore the file needed, within a reasonable time-frame, gets complicated as the type of file, the size, and the amount increases. What was okay with a manual file copy from the computer to a thumb drive may no longer be appropriate. The time it takes to restore files from a cloud backup provider becomes intolerable and becomes a business risk.

As more users are added to the network and the needs of the network grows, the speed of network will start to slow down, or certain types of applications take time to open. "...Lagging… Dragging… Takes forever to start…."

Often times, what started as a simple network, becomes unwieldy as the business experiences success and now demands a properly set up core network infrastructure. It’s a good idea to find and hire a professional services firm such as High Performance Systems, Inc. (HPSI) to address this need.


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