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Microsoft Dynamics ERP

For over 20 years, off-the-shelf software from QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Intuit have made it possible for anyone to have a computerized accounting system that is reliable and usable. Spreadsheet accounting is no longer the normal way of keeping track of business.

As a business grows, advanced accounting systems are needed to keep up with the pace of business. You know that you’ve outgrown the software package when there is a large amount of tracking done outside of the system, reporting is done by rekeying into a spreadsheet, the system gets slower and slower, or business needs are no longer met with the software package.

All software allows you to restore, but advanced software allows you to restore (or go back to) transactions up to a certain point of time.

Advanced accounting software from Microsoft, called Dynamics ERP has a long history from the DOS-era of the 1980’s. What are some of the possibilities?

  • A single-user, project accounting with payroll that produces specialized reporting and electronic file exporting.

  • 250 timekeepers, entering time with work breakdown and details, submitting weekly time sheets that ultimately uploads into a payroll provider’s system for disbursing paychecks.

  • Dozens of sales people entering sales orders across thousands of miles, where the packing slips print out to regional distribution centers for packing and shipping to a local store. And throughout the year, inventory cycle counting does not prevent sales orders from being processed.

Advanced accounting or ERP software needs to be configured and customized for the intended business purpose. Professional services firm, such as High Performance Systems, Inc. (HPSI) with over 15 years of experience, has a team of IT and Business Analysts that can assist you with a new implementation, or a migration from a legacy platform.